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'Anew earth' by jewdtemple 'Anew earth' by jewdtemple
Acrylic on Canvas..approx. 80hours
1220cm x 975 cm
4ft x 3ft (sometimes something much bigger can come from a small idea like this egg)

We are living in the time of 'A New Earth'. All epochs have lived in this same time... a new earth is always being is a continual process, just as our personal lives are.
As we now enter a phase where planet earth is in survival mode, (not due to natures way but mans destruction) we too may find survival issues of our own surface.
What she goes through, so it is with our personal lives...if she has dwindling resources, so do many of us, as she shifts and erupts, so do we! It is a challenging time, yet there is always 'hope'..this powerful emotion lives in the depths of our soul and her soul. As we are moved to take responsibility for our own wellbeing through care and love for ourselves, we come to care for and love her. We are inseparable, Gaia and Humanity. Each Human being is a cell in the body of the body of the Earth.
This Painting expresses a time when we have the opportunity to see our hidden potential, to see anew, feel anew and create anew.......It is 'Anew Earth'
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November 13, 2012
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